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The content of the element is always one or more elements.
Examples of such error conditions are when the input parameters are not legal in some way, the AppID is incorrect, or an internal error occurs in WolframAlpha.This format is not available for all results, and it will sometimes be large (e.g., for mathematical plots or not very useful (e.g., when the original source data is only available to Mathematica as a raster image, such as a country's flag).Reinterpret Whether to allow WolframAlpha to reinterpret queries that would otherwise not be understood.Has a title attribute, which is usually an empty string, because most subpods have no title.Formula solving is part of the WolframAlpha Assumptions facility, and the API gives you complete control over all aspects game the island castaway 2 gratis of formula manipulation.Currently, this attribute is set to true only for asynchronous pods; synchronous pods are simply not present in the output if there was an error generating or formatting them.If you want this behavior, and most clients probably do, then you must enable it using the reinter prettrue URL parameter: When WolframAlpha performs a reinterpretation, it reports this using a warning element.The image is returned as an tag suitable for direct inclusion in a web page.M section of the main text for more details.For example, there are scanners called Tide, Statistics, Species, Physiology, NumberSystems, and many more.There is a special URL parameter called sig that can be used to supply a specially computed signature in each of your query URLs that prevents anyone else from using your AppID.An example is the query "log.5 where the whole phrase can be interpreted as the mathematical object "log(0.5 or the word "log" can be interpreted as a probability distribution or a plotting function: SubCategory The SubCategory assumption is similar to the Clash type.Has the following attributes: title error position The pod title, used to identify the pod.They only appear if the requested result formats include html.Here is the element in the API result: Wolfram Research, Inc.M WolframAlpha Webservice API Reference 15 Most of this output should be self-explanatory in the context of the earlier discussion of assumptions in general.
In the API, such subpods have a element of their own.