windows server 2008 workgroup vs domain

The key issue to note is that file and folder permissions provide a far greater level of control over access than the more more general permissions options provided by share permissions.
Having said that, there is a pop-up window that shows up the first time you login with your domain logon that will help you transfer everything from your workgroup logon to your domain logon. .
And to answer your question, from windows xp you can connect to windows 2008 file shares after following the above procedure and vice versa.Well, being a WHS-MVP, I was a little "resistant" at first also. .Begin by unfolding the System Tools, then Shared Folders branches of the tree in the left panel.Once Computer Management is configured to administer a remote server, the next step is to begin the folder sharing process.Sainath Windows Driver Development.To search the network or domain for the remote system.Once this galaxy s3 update 4.1.2 initial phase of the share setup is complete a dialog will appear announcing this fact, listing the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the shared folder and providing the option to email users to notify them of this fact: Having specified which.For example, if a user is a member of a group where full control is provided over a folder, and also a member of a second group where full control is specifically denied, the user will be deined full control regardless of the fact that.Do you still have your DC around?When enabled, a dialog will appear providing the option to make the shared folders available only to the private network on which the system resides, or to make sharing available to public networks. Having said that, now that I've used WS2012E for a little bit (albeit in a virtual environment I don't see any real issues with it (especially from a "home server" standpoint).To change the settings for a currently configured group or user select the user from the list, modify the permissions accordingly and click on Apply to commit the changes.It just seems like you created a whole lot more work for yourself.