winamp 5.1 surround edition full

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Left home for a few days and look what happens.Due to the increased activity of the unwanted bots from foreign IP addresses site t, please confirm that you are not one of them.I'll try this when I get home on the xp machine, however I'll simply remove the ml_wire.Winamp.1 Pro (6.0 MB, shareware).Install 4, options checked, agent, winamp library, sub options winamp media library, predixis musicmagic, NO shoutcast wire, reboot on install, no problem.Rebooted, no problems at all, therefore I think it's something in the pro install that's causing me probs.New: Grand Prize Winner of the Internet Surround Music Project!Install 3, options checked, agent, winamp library, sub options checked winamp media library, shoutcast wire, reboot after install bang, same old error messages, eventually reboots, uninstall.Winamp.1 Full (6.0 MB, shareware).Dll and see if that resolves the probs I have at home.Now this makes me think it's Shoutcast wire, do yet another install, this time adding back in wire, and bingo, same failures on reboot.Install 2, options checked, agent, winamp library, under that the only sub option checked is winamp media library, reboot after install, no probs, reboot, uninstall.Install 1, only option checked is 'agent reboot after install, no prob, reboot, uninstall.New: Microsoft WMA encoder New: Over 200 new Milkdrop presets!Unistalled my copy of pro, installed a copy of lite.Uninstall lite, reinstall pro, however, uncheck every install option, I'm planning on adding them one at a time to find which part of it causes me issues.Mr Jones 2nd September 2005, 14:24, i declare my booting probs down to shoutcastwire.New: shoutcast Wire - A Media RSS Browser and Subscription Service New: Predixis Smart Playlist Generator New: AOL Radio pin reader 3.9 beta featuring (XM) Free Sampler!New: CodingTechnologies aacplus encoder!