vmware vsphere 5.5 new features pluralsight

Also, you can select the size you want for the vcsa (tiny, small, medium, large, x-large.).
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Your host is a beast, dual socket with 8 core CPUs and 192 GB of memory.I recently realized that while I have been enjoying working with the enhanced lacp feature provided with the vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) version.5, Ive never actually taken any time to document the process.Its nifty that VMware has taken the time to educate folks on what the upgrade means and how to configure the new options.Log to find more details.Heres the workflow to mount an NFS share using protocol version.1.You have a VCP so this should be an easy interview question.Uefi Secure Boot One of the more interesting features of vSphere.5 is the adoption of Secure Boot for ESXi.If you use non-ascii characters to name datastores and virtual machines, make sure that the underlying NFS server offers internationalization support.Check whats new in this relase bigger better faster now pdf here vSphere.5 Update1.When you fire over a mount request, the host will log this entry to vmkernel.When you mount the same NFS 3 volume on different hosts, make sure that the server and folder names are identical across the hosts.Networking is everything, too!If the names do not match, the hosts see the same NFS version 3 volume as two different datastores.Update ramayana book in tamil pdf : VMware vSphere.5U1 has been released recently.You can install ESXi in your sleep.How many physical NICs are needed in an ESXi hosts for hosting 25 virtual servers on iscsi storage split between 2 diverse environments (web/app).Session trunking (true NFS multipathing greater error recovery, be aware that in the release, datastores that are mounted using NFS version.1 cannot be combined with sdrs, sioc, SRM, or Virtual Volumes.
VMware Workstation 2017 Tech preview made its apparition last week.