ubuntu terminal copy paste keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl Alt F2(F3 F4 F5 F6 select the different virtual terminals, ctrl Alt.
Alt F9 minimizes the current window.
In X, this may log you out after a shuting down the emulator.
Ctrl R finds the last command matching the entered letters.Alt F3 opens the Deskbar Applet.Ctrl W deletes the word before the cursor.Ctrl O, open a document, ctrl S, save the current document.Hanzomon4, november 15th, 2008, 09:16.Alt F4 closes the current window.CtrlO Open (Open a document, not in terminal).Is there anymore shortcut ibm db2 universal database workgroup server unlimited edition that I have left out?Arrow Up/Down browse command history Shift PageUp software engineering by ian sommerville 6th edition pdf / PageDown Scroll terminal output Keyboard shortcuts for Compiz Alt Tab switch between open windows Win Tab switch between open windows with Shift Switcher or Ring Switcher effect Win E Expo, show all workspace Ctrl Alt Down Film.Alt F moves forward one word.CtrlA Home (Move cursor to beginning of line).In Gnome Desktop on sims 3 cd crack mac Lucid, I had it configured so that using the Ubuntu system keyboard/mouse, I could use WinC/WinV to copy and paste everywhere on the Gnome desktop, including in Firefox and gnome terminal; then when I moved the mouse to my Mac desktop.
Ctrl Alt F7 Switch to current terminal session with.