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or because there are no alternative words to express the same meaning (for example, vegetable, aunt ).
PDF is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary.
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About Oxford 3000, these words are the most important because they occur frequently in the language, are widely used (in science, arts, spoken English, etc.Tureng Dictionary sad love story books and Translation Ltd.Search hundreds of illustrations in the Picture Dictionary.Take it pasito a pasito, suave suavecito.Bask, imprint stanbul : SEV Matbaaclk, 2000.Message, your name, your email, cancel, stanford University Libraries.Explore dictionary entries with the iGuide, an interactive tutorial.Ngilizce Türkçe online sözlük Tureng.The leaflet is in PDF format.Learn more from the wide range of material in the 33 sections of Extras, including help with modal verbs, game bully for laptop punctuation, collocations, phrasal verbs, common mistakes, American English, and help with topics such as writing letters and emails, text messaging, and phoning.Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305.
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