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Try to improve every negative modificator (red) of each faction to boost your respect.
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Positive Edict Influence: Social Security, same-Sex Marriages, religious - High religous satisfaction, positive Factors: Build enough Churches and Cathedrals.Positive Edict Influence: Social Security, free Housing, food for the People, intellectuals - Prefer High Education and Liberty.You still lure immigrants to your island, make sure they have jobs and needs like housing, food, and religion covered, and exploit their labors for your own glory.Basic gameplay mechanics are unchanged, as youd expect.Its always a good idea to have the "Social Security edict active and to keep Faction Leaders happy.Conscription Environmentalists - High environmental satisfaction, Many Trees and decorations, no logging or mining Positive Factors: No Logging, mining Low Pollution Have enough Garbage Dumps Garbage dump work mode set to "Recycling" Positive Edict Influence: Social Security Pollution Standarts Anti-Litter Ordinance Nationalists - Positive Factors.Tropico 4s blend of Internet geek humor, tongue-in-cheek references to Cold War politics, and deep yet inviting gameplay is as skillfully executed in this expansion as in the excellent base game.If youre waiting to play the new SimCity, I suggest checking out Tropico.Communists - Prefer good healthcare, housing and adequate food quality.You should play the base game right now, and then pick up this outstanding expansion.Maintain a high bank account balance.Papal Visit, prohibition, militarists - High amount of Soldiers and Military Buildings.Tropico 4, fAQs, general FAQs, privacy Policy.Negative Factors: Crime, low Profits, focus on farming economy, positive Edict Influence: Social Security.Positive Factors: Have profitable factories, high Security, build police stations to improve security.Good automation clip fl studio tutorial Food Quality - have enough marketplaces, enough food for everyone.Have maximum respect with all factions.Positive Factors: Good Healthcare, have enough clinics and hospitals.To see your respect with each faction open your almanac and look at the Faction Tab.Positive Factors: Have enough soldiers and generals, build military buildings, have more soldiers than rebels.Each faction favours different things, i try to break it to the most important factors down: Capitalists - Prefer a advanced industry, high profits and high security.