the rocky horror picture show cast 2013

All photos by Zach Lewis.
Amongst an annual convention of Transylvanians, Brad and Janet quickly find themselves out of their comfort zone and soon lose their innocence as they become seduced by Frank and his outlandish band of guests.Co-directed by Sheri Amourr and Ting Ting, the self-proclaimed DIY theater event virtually sold out both nights at the Firehouses ad hoc back lot stage.Hudba je pece zábava!Ralph Hapschatt Kyle Short, betty Munroe Amy Jean Page, transylvanians Haylee Hughes, Amy Sell, Salma Gundi, Neal Johnson, Emily Cimino, Lauren Adams, Holly Arnold Jason Bowman by Lenore LaNova.Furter performs at The Floor Show.Hele vole, kde mám káru?I just dont know.(2000) film Dude, Where's My Car?Event sponsors included 23 Print Collective and Mazel Toast Presents.Co-directors / producers Sheri Amourr of Tap That Ass and Ashley Ting Ting Casey of First Friday Night Live organized the event set to take the stage on Friday, May 29th, and Saturday, May 30th.Pornografick vztah (1999) film, bE, FR, SZ Drama / Romantick 89 min hrají: documents to go premium edition serial Nathalie Baye, Sergi López, Jacques Viala, Paul Pavel, Sylvie Van den Elsen, Pierre Gerranio, léto ztracench polibk (2000) film, fR, SRN, UK, GW, GO Drama / Komedie / Romantick 96 min hrají.And, whats more, the organizers also asked local musicians to provide the instrumental backup for the cast.Andy Warpigs has ipad the missing manual the musical talent and personal sass to pull of this character, dare I say, better than Tim Curry himself.Who else has the vocal prowess and rocknroll soul to perform Hot Patootie Bless My Soul?The cast also includes some familiar names from the performing arts including Ashley Naftule, Ernesto Moncada, Chris Gillespie, and Joe Sawinski (of Firehouse fame).Furter flanked by fellow Transylvanians Magenta and Columbia.The original stage show kicked off in 1973 with the film version following two years later.