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Obtain the masked version by ANDing the 8-byte KSN of Step 1 with the (hex) value 0xffffffffffe00000.
Part I of this article.
As far as I know, it's the only pure-JavaScript dukpt implementation on the Web.The question is: How can you derive a dukpt key that will unlock a given transaction?Dukpt (which stands for Derived Unique Key Per Transaction). .Ansi.24 allows cd da novela de corpo e alma internacional a dukpt key to take on one of three final forms, called variants.Deriving a Key, to derive the basis key from which a Data, PIN, run faster pdf shadowrun or MAC variant can be created, you need to start with a transaction KSN and an ipek.(The loop in Step 5 is, or should be, part of a function that ends up returning curKey, which is the basis key.).Finally, you need to know what encryptRegister looks like.Example Code: The ID tech Encrypt/Decrypt Tool To see full source code for all of the dukpt key derivation routines discussed here, be sure to download (and inspect the source code of) our html-and-JavaScript-based Encrypt/Decrypt Tool, which can calculate ipeks, derive all 3 dukpt key.Deriving a session key (sometimes called a working key, or simply "data key is actually best thought of as a 3-step process.Combine the two 8-byte ciphers (left and right pieces and you're done.Creating Data, PIN, and MAC Key Variants.Concatenate the ciphers, and you're done.The answer is: Generally speaking, you need the Key Serial Number (KSN) for the transaction, plus a special value called the ipek, or initial key that was injected into the credit card reader.Create a BaseKSN variable to hold a masked version of your 8-byte KSN.Part I of this series do this:.
If the counter ends in 0x0F, the BaseKSN will go from 49012C to 49012C000000000C to 49012C000000000E to 49012C000000000F as you OR bits successively.) Your "derived key" will thus be After XORing the data-variant constant, the derived key will change to After enciphering the top and bottom halves of the.