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Magic is such an incredible concentration of information, it's probably going to be the biggest section here.
How to spend your nuyen, character Advancement (Spending Karma qualities.Layout, errors, updated errata, missing items and information, things that could really be of use, anything like that.Anatomy of a Combat system admin resume format Turn, actions in Initiative, combat Concepts.Nothing Personal (NP shadow Spells (ShS aetherology (aeth).It'll be updated with any official errata and any official incoming SR5 products to make the best quick reference book possible.Look at the last page, you'll see what I'm doing heh.) I've just finished with my finals week, so I've got a whole month for you guys!Matrix Actions, programs and Agents, technomancy, rigging Drones Magical Traditions Mentor Spirits Spells and Spell Casting Rituals Spirits and Spirit Summoning All spirit powers (More to come) changelog AND updates Finished up the Spirit Powers.I can honestly say I spent the day doing that, haha!It just made things way harder.Fortunately, Run Faster is full of them.I've been working on this project to consolidate all of the critical game information from all SR5 books including qualities, skill rules, weapon and armor tables, character creation rules, along with as much quick-reference critical information I can possibly gather and stuff it all into.(update: I released it anyway.I will definitely been using or adapting this to my own table." "I just wanted to thank you again for maintaining your superbook.I'm going to consider consolidating Gear, Dice, Skills, Character Creation, Advancement, and Qualities into one "core rulebook Combat Action and Meatspace Combat into one "Combat Rulebook then keeping a matrix/technomancy/rigging and magic rulebooks separate."This book is incredibly helpful in the game.Run Faster also has advice on fleshing out characters of different metatypes, expanded contact and lifestyle rules, and alternate character creation methods to help ensure that players can build exactly the character they want.SR5 superbook.5: docx, pDF, contents: Character Creation tables, steps for Character Creation.I have been doing some compiling work as well for SR5 but not on this scale.Please message me or post here if you're interested in helping out!V3 Cleaned it up a bit.
I'll be adding the new sections after this.
Are there already rumors for a 6th edition?