reflexive pronoun meaning in tamil

It rose quickly and circled gracefully around the room before losing momentum and diving to meet a sudden end when its pointed nose hit a sauce bottle on the dining table.
When one 'tires' of 'endless' knocking; one sees the door is open.
The mind, with its thoughts, ideas, beliefs and habits prevents you from seeing what is beyond.
William Talada "Nonduality is assuming the position that there is a position to assume.When Buddhism was flowering, nirvana (with substratum remaining) was quite normal for householders.In: Pawley, Andrew, Malcolm Ross Darrell Tryon (eds) The Boy from Bundaberg: Studies in Melanesian Linguistics in Honour of Tom Dutton.In the same way, nirvana and the ordinary world of suffering are not two things but related to each other.If one finds the place of duality in oneself one will find adwaita.The possibility that what is sought after, never went away.This is a point we have to understand here.It stands 'besides the point' as something categorically different to the genuine article.Oneness is everything, Oneness does everything.If interpreted correctly, he argues, the Upanisads teach the nature of Brahman.Seeing the universe in all things, coming to understand the totality of all things and the deep interrelatedness of it all.When Yuima was asked to give some interpretation to the doctrine, he did not say anything about.But you do not come and go; you do not enter that stream; you are aware of all that, so you are not caught in all that.Kornfilt (2007) describes an interesting phenomenon in Sakha (Yakut the elder scrolls v skyrim update 1-razordox where in relative clauses the agreement marker expressing person and number values of the subject in the modifier clause is attached to the head of the relative clause, not to the predicate.It is the journey of the Spirit into the ultimate experience of love, beauty and happiness.Well, a lot of people think that it would be as if all the outlines and differentiations in the field of vision suddenly became vague and melted away and we saw only a kind of luminous sea of light.
Seemingly, the impersonal is reached by the impersonal and dissolves into the impersonal.
Non-duality is also not about helping you to reach a nonexistent goal to become awakened or enlightened.