publishing outlook anywhere using tmg 2010

After turning flood mitigation off on TMG server, the issue was resolved (The customer increased the limits later on but in general it looks like it doesnt make much sense using flood mitigation since all legitimate traffic is received from the same IP address which.
Basic authentication is used as the authentication method.
Right-click DisableSpoofDetection, and then click Modify.Time for verification so the publishing rule works for Basic Auth by using Outlook Anywhere function and typing in address: that points to TMG.A wizard will start, setup a friendly name like OWA (Basic) and select the appropriate Exchange version, in my case it's Exchange 2010.It seems to work fine ActiveSync This is almost the same as above, besides ActiveSync will use Basic as the Authentication method.Select the web listener and the authentication method should be set to 'No delegation, and client cannot authenticate directly'.To name the value, type DisableSpoofDetection, and then press enter.Local if you want to use the function.Outlook Anywhere, next to do is to publish Outlook Anywhere, it will be done thru the same wizard.Select the appropriate Exchange version and the function you want to publish, in this case it's the Outlook Anywhere (earlier called RPC over http(s).In my case I listen on External and Internal, also select a specific IP address on the External and Internal interface.Remove the All Authenticated Users and replace it with All Users.The output I mention is similar to below one: Note: This is taken from excellent tutorial written by Richard Hicks ml, so we decided to collect TMG data packager to better understand what was going on while the problem occurred.In the setting regarding internal site name, give it the external site name and select the option below and browse for the CAS server.
Hope this helps, thanks, Murat.