plsql developer 9 64 bit

arguments in analytic Function processed correctly.
SQL declare 2 v_anydata anydata; 3 begin 4 v_anydata : windows vista ultimate sp2 nvertVarchar2 Some string data 5 v_anydata : nvertNumber(12345678 6 v_anydata : nvertDate(sysdate 7 END; 8 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
This metadata includes the number of attributes in our underlying user-defined type, as we can see in the screen output; Lines 57-70: using the number of attributes in our type, we define a loop to retrieve attribute-level metadata for our anydata instance.fix a bug that format this sql will raise Access violation: ; with CTE AS (select '1' As Something)select * from CTE; * able to correctly indent Begin / End in Trigger alien skin keygen mac Statement by setting Style_Block_leftBEIndentSize * able to format case expression inside convert.PUT_line P1 : ' p1 6 dbms_output.PUT_line Type value : ' v_value 28 29 END generic_procedure; 30 31 begin 32 33 34 Test an EMP record.Able to add where clause to select statement.PUT_line Type name is ' v_typename 21 22 END; 23 / Type name is scott.Assignments are made using anydata's various.general fix a bug that TGSqlParser class getting little snitch keygen 2.5.2 a handle on a file and never releasing the lock.These are equivalent to the AccessXXX methods we saw earlier, but for user-defined types.SQL create type body emp_ot AS 2 member function print return varchar2 IS 3 begin 4 return TO_char(self.fix a bug that onFieldToken event fired twice for a column in create table statements * mysql support multi escape character in literal version.NET.2.0 * able to pretty print big script without out of memory exception.fix a bug when select_columnlist_style asWrapped, following SQL is not formatted correctly.Parser don't recover from from keyword.
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Oracle add new class TLz_SequenceOption, TSequenceOptionType to represent sequenece options * Oracle fix a bug while parsing declare statement in compound trigger block * Oracle support skip locked in for update clause.