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but I know that I have the original documentation somewhere.
(Submitted December 27, 2005 13:22:15 by David ) Hi, I have a TriGem 88E XT computer.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I am looking for original manuals and programs for these fine machines(?).I have quite a few other old computers as propellerhead recycle 2.2 keygen cluding a compaq portable(1982)a Eagle PC (19?)various other IBMs model 30(286 model 70(386) and a wierd PS2 model ese all run along with numerous 286,386.Are these useful to someone?M is one of those.Windows and Apple and OS/2 and many other operating systems are GUI.The card above is one of several I collected from local computer stores while waiting for my PC and it is one of the few advertising items that didn't feature Charlie Chaplin whose visage IBM licensed to represent their machine.In south florida area.Even a spare hercules graphics card.(Submitted May 28, 2011 23:15:17 by (a hrefmailto:wilson)Wilson a) Do somebody need the orginal IBM Basic manual?The actual purchase date was 1/2/82 although it was ordered months prior to that.Effect and filter, icon editor, screen capture, viewer.I can send you some pictures if you like.I've got a copy of that as well.I used it as recently as 1997 but have not booted it in years.
If you have anything, please do let me know!