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This book dives deep into the latest technologies available to programmers for creating professional parallel applications using.NET 4, and Visual Studio 2010.
English December 21, 2010 isbn: Pages PDF.Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C provides an architectural approach to parallel programming for computer programmers, software developers, designers, researchers, and software architects.We will milan sonka image processing pdf begin by covering some techniques that have been around since the beginning.NET, including the BackgroundWorker component, timers, and the Thread class.Parallel Programming Using C, author: step778, date: 20:15:03.Author: Alexpal, date: 03:49:00, parallel and Distributed Programming Using C by Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Tracy Hughes.It will also be useful for computer science students.Quinn English January 1, 2008 isbn: Pages PDF 17 MB The era of practical parallel programming has arrived, marked by the popularity of the MPI and OpenMP software standards and the emergence of commodity clusters as the hardware platform of choice for an increasing number.Parallel Programming Using C, publisher: The MIT Press pages: isbn: CHM 10,7.Debug your multithreaded applications using the Threads view, Tasks window, Parallel Stacks window, and Parallel Watch window.For the parallel programming community, a common parallel application is discussed in each chapter, as part of the description of the system itself.Enhance the performance of an application by designing various parallel operations to achieve concurrency.As PC processors explode from one or two to now eight processors, there is an urgent need for programmers to master concurrent programming.This book helps software developers and programmers who need to add the techniques of parallel and distributed programming to existing applications.Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (August 29, 2003) isbn-10: CHM 2 Mb 600 pages.Today, the C language remains one of the most important languages used by professional software developers.