netbackup 6.5 client solaris

Feb-2010 Two Security Vulnerabilities in samba(7) May Allow Unauthorized Access to the Remote Root Filesystem or May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition 1021114.
May-2010 Security Vulnerability With Java Web Start (J2SE.0) 1000201.
Oct-2003 Secure Shell Daemon (sshd(1M) Buffer Management Security Vulnerability 1000602.Nov-2006 Security Vulnerability May Allow Users With the "File System Management" rbac Profile to Gain Elevated Privileges 401 k plan fidelity bond requirements 1001321.Mar-2009 A Security Vulnerability in the xterm(1) program Delivered With OpenSolaris Involving the Parsing of Device Control Request Status String (decrqss) Sequences May Lead to Execution of Arbitrary Code 1020223.Jan-2009 Security Vulnerabilities in the Solaris lpadmin(1M) and ppdmgr(1M) Utilities May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition 1019937.Jan-2010 Command Execution Vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment Deployment Toolkit May be Leveraged to Execute Arbitrary Code 1021048.Sep-2006 Security Vulnerabilities in the Apache 2 Web Server 1000558.Oct-2007 Vulnerability in Java Runtime Environment Virtual Machine May Allow Untrusted Application or Applet to Elevate Privileges 1000033.Dec-2009 Security Vulnerability in the Sun Ray Server Software Authentication Manager May Allow a Denial of Service (DoS) 1020934.Aug-2006 Security Vulnerability in Sun's Internet Protocol (IP) Implementation May Allow Local Users to Bypass the Routing Table 1000349.Apr-2009 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in the Adobe Reader May Lead to Execution of Arbitrary Code 1019948.Jan-2010 Security Vulnerability in Identity Manager and Configured with Sun Java System Access Manager, OpenSSO Enterprise.0 or IBM Tivoli Access Manager 1021763.Jan-2010 Security Vulnerability in the Timeout Mechanism of Solaris sshd(1M) may Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) 1021645.Jan-2010 An Integer Overflow Vulnerability in gimp(1) May Lead to Denial of Service (DoS) or Execution of Arbitrary Code 1021732.Jun-2003 BSM Enabled (bsmconv(1M) Systems With Third Party Login Mechanisms May Experience cron(1M) or at(1) Failures 1000771.Feb-2004 Security Vulnerability in Solaris Systems With Basic Security Module (BSM) Configured to Audit the "ad" or "as" Audit Class 1000267.