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Returning 3rd Generation monsters are Altaroth, Bnahabra, Brachydios, Brute Tigrex, Delex, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho, Gargwa, Great Jaggi, Jaggi, Jaggia, Lagombi, Rhenoplos, Slagtoth, Zinogre, and Stygian Zinogre.
In "Fear Pressure he mentions that Jackson is his human cousin, a serial number windows 7 professional 64 bit original possible reference to when many fans confused Heath Burns for Holt Hyde.A b c d e f g h i j k "Mattel Celebrates 2014 San Diego Comic-Con with Hot Collectibles and Fan-atic Festivities".Her doll was presented at the San Diego Comic Con in 2014.Neighthan is somewhat clumsy, but he is a social monster who loves hanging out with his beast friends.She has pink hair, jet lf game naruto 2.4 full brown eyes, and wolf fangs."Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll".A b c Noble, Barnes.A b "Kjersti Trollson Monster High Characters Monster High".She is a kind and loving girl, with a tomboyish style to her clothes, and has problems with Gil's parents due to her sea-monster heritage.Boursaw, Jane (March 7, 2015).94 Howleen Wolf Howleen Wolf (voiced by America Young ) is the daughter of the werewolf, the little sister of Clawdeen, and the youngest of the Wolf siblings at Monster High.He is a member of the casketball team.1 New Flying Wyvern : Seregios.62 63 Clawdia Wolf Clawdia Wolf (voiced by Joni Goode) 64 is the daughter of the werewolf.