misfits season 3 episode 9

Tony explains teenage mutant ninja games that the storm affected him too, and explains that they're back to be reunited with each other.
Outside, Kelly sees Seth waiting for her, who claims to have something to show her.
Meanwhile, Simon takes Sally back to his flat, upon which she expresses her true feelings for him.
He performs another reading for the gang, this time bringing back Rachel, the founder of Virtue.Meanwhile, Curtis, Kelly, Rudy and the other Rudy talk about how Simon and Alisha will forever be trapped in a cycle.He asks why she is there, to which she explains that the medium brought her back, and admits that how she acted was wrong, and assumes she's there for him.Simon realises that his, superhoodie destiny is fast approaching.You are welcome, back to login, forgot Password.The gang are freaked out when they find themselves face-to-face with.Tony breaks in but quickly explains that he's not there to hurt them.Simon encounters Tony as he tries to chase after her, while Sally follows Alisha onto the roof of the community centre.Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies.It is unknown how she knew about this, but Curtis presumably told all the Misfits about this after he cancelled out the events.Drama, sci-Fi, stars: Stark Sands, watch now!It soon becomes clear that these people have come back from the dead with dark and dangerous motives, and the very heart of the gang is threatened.He reassures her that he will never hurt her.Dash, appointment for us visa in toronto canada a Precog, who has the ability to predict crimes.Simon then investigates his apartment - which has been completely abandoned and in major need of building work.Sally then sends Alisha the video of her and Simon kissing, to which she watches in shock.Stars: Iwan Rheon, Joseph Gilgun, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, synopsis: Watch Misfits Season 3 Episode 9 online free.Shortly after, Sally abruptly leaves.The two reconcile and agree to a holiday.Midway through the fourth series, Stewart-Jarrett left while Natasha O'Keeffe joined the cast as Abbey Smith.