minecraft warp book mod 1.7.10

This mod adds two items: Warp Page, right clicking with this item bank money hacking software will save your coordinates on the page.
Warp Book, this item allows the usage of warp pages.
Right click brings up a menu of waypoints.It offers a simple, non-op alternative to the standard /home and /warp commands.CurseForge, help, register, sign In 1,018 84 400.78.8.9 37,164 400.83.8.9 12,140 400. 61,348 399. 2 404,752 393.94.7.10 189,325 393.78.7.10 3,612 393.34.X Table of Contents, this niche mod allows for easy teleportation between given points.Mantle, aPI and Library, chisel, ores and Resources, Addons, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, and Cosmetic.Home minecraft Mods warp Book Mod.8.9/1.7.10, this niche Warp Book Mod allows for easy teleportation between given offers a simple, non-op alternative to the standard/home and /warp commands.It is crafted using one ender pearl and a sheet of paper (shapeless).Tinkers Construct, mobs, Technology, Processing, and Armor, Tools, and Weapons.Warp-Book-1.6.4-0.0.200c.jar (342,25 Kb; ; 667) warp-book-1.7.2-1.0.35.jar (375,58 Kb; ; 494) warpbook-1.7.10_2.0.35.jar (393,78 Kb; ; 910).Extra Utilities, processing, Energy, Fluid, and Item Transport, Energy, Armor, Tools, and Weapons, and Technology.Sneakright click will clear the page.