minecraft ps3 edition mini games

(PS4 only) Fix to allow saves that had been well explored to save player state again.
Fix for mcce acer 5315 bios update #1142 - Minecraft Capes using incorrect texture.
Fix for save upload failing (PS3 only).
Iron bar s, glass pane s and fence s adjacent to the full-block side of a stair will now visually connect.Patch Fix for mcce-4226 - Wrong LOD showing for non-block item icons in the.Re-enabled the previous Birthday and Minecon skin packs for players who had them.Patch, Red Nether Brick.Fix for crash when spawning emu8086 version 4.08 registration key too many Shulkers.Giant Mushrooms have chance of grow twice as tall as normal.Spleef inspired Tumble is the second mini game released for Console Edition - a frantic competitive clash in which players destroy the very floor beneath their enemies feet, sending them plummeting to their doom.Updated lapis lazuli block texture.Different Stuff Update CZ-SK stuff and Audi RS4 News by X-Pro Keshos is introduce yourself Audio from a new BoGT radio Cars and wheels!Introduced a vote to kick system for mini games.Clothes swf games for touch screen for Niko Audi R8 Car, Toilet Plunger useable as weapon!Battle Mini Game: Grace period increased to 20 seconds.Updates to terrain generation: The End has changed when generating a new world, and can also be updated for old worlds.16, 16 can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.Updated crafting interface to allow crafting Firework Stars and Fireworks.Battle Mini Game: Fixed some map issues in Cavern, Siege, Ruin, Lair and Atlantis arenas.VIP Kill / Rescue Missions A Short Miniupdate with Trainer Cz Birthday Mobile Theme Super Jump Script and Big Car Damage v2 CZ/SK Mods and Brown Kajlin Has Birthday!Western Star, Shelby, Daewoo, GMC, GAZ.Harley Davidson, Audi S4 Quatro and more.Added first person rendering of additional skin parts for the left and right arms.Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and More InvaderV, Car Control, Kill-Notifications and More MP5 explosive ammo, Phone Theme and Clothes Vigero Lowrider, Buell Lightning - free Updates GTA SA Ferrari Enzo, BMW 850 CSI Mitsubishi Evolution X, Ferrari California, Chevrolet and more Great Update of Great Car.