logitech g502 proteus core gaming mouse review

The only complaint I have is this area would have to be the faux metal scroll wheel.
The software suite from Logitech actually checks your system for games and loads predefined functions from a massive list that is up-to-date with all the newest games.Whether you prefer your mouse pads hard or soft, light or dark, you can expect the best possible tracking response.For instance, if a mouse is calibrated for a hardwood surface (or soft mouse pad, realistically) and is then d-link dgl-4500 setup wizard brought somewhere, say to a friend's house, and used on a different surface, its ability to be tracked is greatly impaired.Review of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse.I personally dont like braided cables, but this is the best braided Ive seen so far.Being the first mouse to tout a staggering 12,000 DPI is of particular interest to us because it should be ideal for 4K gaming, though the G502's advanced sensor is complemented by a host of other features that also make for the ultimate gaming companion.4/14/14 at 12:35am.Profiles load when you start up the game, and you can also save them on the mouse to take them along with you to tournaments.Another notable change is switching from the magazine style wight system that put all of the weight in one place to a design that allows you to modify the center of gravity of the mouse.There are some downsides for my personal preference as Id rather like a smaller, lightweight, ambidextrous mouse, but if you want a full on palm mouse with lots of buttons this would be the one I would recommend to everyone.Claw users with medium-sized hands can reach the button easily, but somehow, the backrest of the mouse rests a bit uncomfortably on your palm-wrist joint.The switches for the main buttons seem to be all Omrons D2FC-F-7N (Picture by blackmesatech ) The Scroll wheel is my only gripe with the mouse, as it is rather heavy and also wobbles when in free scroll.The angular theme continues with the weights, yahoo messenger 10 standalone setup which are angled like arrows.Design, where the G502 falters is by radically shifting windows 7 ultimate themes full version the aesthetic of the rounded, comfort-fitting G500s to a more angular, cramped design.Accidentally click the latter while you're in a life-or-death situation in Battlefield and I can assure you "life" won't really be an option.