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Take Fedora for a test drive, and if you like it, you can install Fedora directly to your hard drive straight from the Live Media desktop if you like.
This is good for desktop usage.
Fedora Linux is a community-based Linux distribution which is sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.
Ext4 kernel driver used for accessing both ext3/ext2 file systems.Almost all multimedia plugins and software works with 32bit edition.The is Live Fedora CD ISO you dont have to erase anything on your current system to try it out, and it wont put your files at risk.For.g., most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors.Whats New In Fedora 16, the new features in Fedora Linux version 16 are: New Linux kernel.1.0, apache (httpd) was updated.2.19.UID and GID values for user accounts now start at 1000 instead of 500 as in previous versions.Fedora is considered as the third most popular cutting edge distro, behind Ubuntu and Mint Linux for desktop and laptop usage.KDE updated.7.2, gNU/Grub2 is the default boot-loader.For servers and advanced feature such as hardware error detection, access to more than 4GB RAM and so on; download 64bit version.32 bit vs 64 bit Fedora 16 Version.Fedora Linux 16 Desktop Screenshot.Updated cloud computing support for Condor Cloud, HekaFS, and pacemaker-cloud.For almost all PCs download 32 bit version.Posted on, november 9, 2011 in Categories fedora linux last updated November 9, 2011, fedora Linux version 16 (code name Verne) has been released and available for download ( jump to download link ).
Please spare the mirror ftp/http sites, use the torrents to share downloading load abnt nbr iso 14001 with other Fedora users: Fedora 16 DVD ISO Direct Download.
Fedora download: Fedora 16 CD ISO Live download.