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Obituary for Richard WhiteleyRetrieved Countdown: Spreading the Word (Granada Media, 2001).
The first two rounds, like the British version, had each contestant taking turns picking nine letter tiles and attempting to form one word in 30 seconds.Retrieved "Countdown (Series 3, Episode.68 This record has since been beaten by Dylan Taylor, who achieved winzip trial expired registry an octochamp score of 974 in August 2013, 69 but he lost the Grand Final of that series.At eight years old, Tanmay Dixit was the youngest player ever to appear on the show, where he achieved two wins in March 2005.Des Lynam until the end of 2006, Des O'Connor until the end of 2008, and.The two players were 2006 winner Conor Travers and 2002 winner Chris Wills.This answer is revealed to be correct, and Contestant One scores 10 points.In the 2002 film About a Boy, protagonist Will Freeman is a regular viewer of Countdown.On 5 September 2014, Countdown received a Guinness World Record at the end of its 6,000th show for the longest-running television programme of its kind during the course of its 71st series.8 When Countdown was commissioned for Channel 4, the number of hostesses expanded further: Cathy Hytner and Beverley Isherwood selected the letters and numbers tiles respectively, and calculations in the numbers rounds were checked by Linda Barrett or Carol Vorderman.Countdown has occupied a tea-time broadcast slot since its inception.Retrieved b c "Countdown (Series 37, Episode.Retrieved b c "Countdown (Series 20, Episode.Retrieved "Countdown (Series 12, Episode.Other incidents with only marginally rude words (including wanker, singular) have made it into the programme as they appeared, such as those with Tanmay Dixit referenced above, a clip from a 2001 episode in which the word fart appeared as the first four letters.Retrieved "Countdown (Series 16, Episode.Retrieved "Countdown (Series 2, Episode.It had the same hosts and rules as the standard game but was played in shorter chunks.
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