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They have abilities that may include stealthing themselves or having a strong dash dopdf converter for windows 7 skill.
RNG Range Random number regeneration, game mechanics that utilize randomness.
Ward coverage The amount of wards placed down to give more vision around the map.
Drain tank Drain tanking The act of lifestealing (or using spellvamp/other forms of sustain in case of casters) damage done against enemies to tank their metric unit conversions chemistry damage.They try to constantly harass the enemy laner and deny them farm, making them fall behind.Few of these mentioned Robinson by name, but their timing, replies and subject matter were seen to be related (note: one was by a writer for.This practice is extremely controversial and is generally condemned by players and punished by Riot due to how it can create negative experiences for those who are battling alongside boosted low-elo players, due to them not having enough experience for the elo where they are.Ez Ezreal Easy F Face check A champion going into a brush to see if an enemy champion is hidden in there.Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab ).Ward jump Also known as 'ward hop involved using a dash ability (e.g.Kill Secured: Preventing a severely weakened target from surviving by doing an excessive amount of damage to the target.AI : the player versus.I.Tanky DPS An alternative term for a "Fighter" type champion.This is often perceived as poor sportsmanship.Recall : To return to the base by pressing the "B" key by default.Proc The activation of an effect.However, if their sustain is reduced or denied (because they are under CC effects or unable to attack) they can become easy to kill, since they tend to not have or to have less actual tankyness to fall back.Picking a champion for a lane in draft pick before the enemy has picked an opposing champion(s) for the same lane.