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Technically this is the 1st book in the 5th series, counting the four-book Rain Wilds Chronicles.
I picked up three of the others.
I have so many books already.the sequel to Dragons in the Stars) is currently free: /dp/B013hmipdq?You're buying from the UK publisher within the.o) 256 NorthernStar Jun 21, 6:33pm Discount Armageddon, Book One of InCryptid, by Seanan McGuire is on kobo for.99 - may be on amazon and others too.There have been several series where I've read the first and found the writing style so jarring I couldn't continue.I'm snagging a couple for myself and buying one to give as a gift.This particular title doesn't tempt me because it's fantasy, but I like some of her other stuff.I really enjoyed the first one, and I do admire this writer greatly.Not sure if this is just today, or not.181 SylviaC May 1, 10:33am Not a lot that's notable on the Canadian Amazon site, either, unless you're into westerns.Amazon site has the Lilith Brood omnibus by Octavia.279 clamairy Jul 18, 8:29pm 276 benitastrnad: Thanks for the reminder.And Canada) is Old Mans War by John Scalzi.The Liveship Traders Trilogy.Any opinions about this one from KSR visual basic 6 for windows 7 fans?He barely fights off the attacker, goes somewhere to lick his expedia co uk telephone number wounds.peeks: well, I've been wanting that Bukowski.20 gilroy Feb 12, 10:13am 18 clamairy: Disagreement between the Kindle information under the description and the details farther down firefox helper converter mac the page.Shadow Claw by Gene Wolfe.
(Edited to fix a dumb typo Ive been interest ed, not interest ing!) 241 majkia Jun 11, 2:42pm 240 YouKneeK: I read the entire series and enjoyed it quite a bit.
Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.