iso image of windows 8

You can also click on the virtual drive, select the "Drive Tools" tab that appears in the File Explorer ribbon, and click "Eject" from there.
If your windows xp lite iso 2012 copy of Windows came as an installation DVD, you might need to create an ISO image from this media to install Windows on your Mac.Choose File New Image, and then select your Windows DVD or flash drive from the submenu.If you're using an external optical drive, disconnect it from the USB port after the disc ejects.Create your own ISO, use these steps to make an ISO copy of your Windows DVD: While your Mac is started from OS X, insert the Windows installation DVD in an external optical USB drive or connect your Windows USB drive to a USB port.ISO controls are all hidden on a tab that only shows up when you select an ISO file.To try this out, open the File Explorer and locate an ISO image on your hard drive.Finder sidebar, this device cant be used to install Windows.Click on it and you'll see you have two options: mount and burn.This can save users time, system resources and potentially money that they would waste installing third-party utilities.If you need to install or reinstall Windows.1, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.When creating an ISO image or copying drivers to a USB flash drive, make sure the device you're using works as a removable drive.Your first option is to right-click the virtual drive from the File Explorer window and click "Eject".If you only have one disc drive in your system, it will automatically be selected.There are two easy ways to do this.After the installation media mounts in the Finder, open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder (choose Go Utilities).After imaging is done, eject your Windows installation disc or flash drive.If you have multiple, click the drop-down list and make your selection.Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.If you click "Computer" from the left pane of the File Explorer window, you'll see your virtual disc drive appears right along with any other drives you have installed on the system.If you will be installing the operating system for the first time, you will need your Windows product key For more information about product keys and when they are required, visit the.By, robert Kingsley, updated June 06, 2017, iSO files are incredibly handy.
While many quality applications exist to provide this function, having to research, download and install multiple free applications-or worse, paying for a program to handle your ISO needs-was a hassle.
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