ibm system x3200 m3 server guide

This server is going to need a sturdy desk and a couple of people to move.
This controller also supports up tofour Serial ATA(sata) drives at300MBps (halfduplex).
The optionalServeraid-BR10il controller can be added forraid-0/1/1E support.
The x3200 M3 also supports withraid-0/1/10/5/50/6/60 support using the optionalServeraid-MR10is Vault card.If higher capacity drives are needed, they can be installed on the fly.An optional Serveraid-MR10iSAS/sata Controllercan be added to all models for raid-10/5/6support, as well as optional battery backup with 256MBof cache memory.(Model dependant or via CTO.).Hot-swapSAS drives use the Converged Tray for interchangeability with other i am the game triple h IBM System x systems.All models offertwo.25-inch bays, one.5- inch floppy drive bay, and eitherfour.5-inchHDD bays oreight.5-inchHDD bays (via CTO).OR, find Add More Memory, we guarantee 100 compatible ram memory upgrades for more than 50,000 different electronic devices.Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.The single-socket IBM, system x3200 M3, incorporating IBM X-Architecture affordable, single-socket tower server that offers mo yre performance, configuration flexibility and availability features than many other servers in its class.All models are designed with an integrated memory controller for greatly improved memory performance (up to 1333MHz access, depending on the processor 64-bit extensions (EM64T and multithreading, to provide the computing power you need to match your business needs and growth.If those parts fail, they can be swapped out without having to shut down the system.