hellgate london single player patch

Quests Fixed a bug with the Cannon Street Rails quest.
For: Hellgate: London, size: 194.61 MB, rate this patch : Downloaded 28 times, hellgate: London Patch.1.2 single-player, download Hellgate: London Patch.1.2 single-player free, free Hellgate: London Patch.1.2 single-player patch download, free download of Hellgate: London Patch.1.2 single-player patch for Hellgate: London.Players who have more than one of an un-droppable quest items now have the option to destroy all but one of these items.Flashcrasher Grenade Increased base Damage.The Fear Attack Strength of this spell now scales properly with the caster's level and has been increased significantly.Ranks in Flashcracker Grenade now grant and increase the Shield Penetration of all grenades.The rank bonus of this spell now properly increases the frequency of lightning strikes.Hellfire can now be aimed as long as the skill trigger crack para corel painter x is held down, and fires once the trigger is released.Spectral Bolt now provides an additional 25 Phase Attack Strength per rank.Some skills now have new names to represent their different effects or make more sense within the context of the character xed skills being added to and/or removed from Shift activation when swapping creased the amount of Shields granted by skills that provide Shields.Venomous Spirit The damage of this spell has been increased and the power cost has been decreased.Additional convert password protected pdf to word ranks now increase the Shock Attack Strength and Shock Effect Damage of Arc Legion.Due to skill synergy, Ravager Rounds and Rebounder Rounds have a 8 increased Interrupt Strength when using either of those skills.The maximum number of targets is increased by 1, the duration increased by 1 second, and the amount healed is increased.5 per is spell may now be cast while e range of Brom's Curse has been increased to 20 xed description for Broms.Engineers should no longer just cause 1 torent iso hunt erroneously receive bonuses from items which grant the Overshield mmoned pets should no longer fail to spawn when aconDecreased the base effect to 15 from rksmenRebounder Rounds (formerly Ricochet)The Marksman uses modified ammunition that has a chance to ricochet off enemies.Boneshards The rank bonus of this spell has been slightly adjusted to a 50 increase in Stun Attack Strength per rank.BlademasterPath of RighteousnessPath of Righteousness now applies damage from offhand melee ll of the ChosenThe Taunt and Fear Attack Strengths of this skill now properly scale with the Blademaster's e range of Call Of The Chosen has been osscutterCrosscutter now requires a target in order.
Arcane Shield The rank progression of this spell has been adjusted, providing slightly less shields at lower ranks.
The casting time has been reduced by 1 second.