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Firepower isn't as hardcore as it sounds it's relatively easy to find an additional primary weapon on most Halo maps.Your fight back begins here.Rather than everyone rolling out with the same weapons online, players bring customized gear into battle.Have you experienced a catastrophic loss of self-esteem in the past week?Those Warthog turrets can.Maps in Halo 4, with an additional nine maps releasing in packs of three in the near future.Tue, Aug 29, microsoft to everyone else: "Let's talk about cross platform play".You don't need to babysit a base terminal during the capturing process, for one, so don't wait around.Hardlight Shields can be deployed to soak up fire while comrades flank the player dealing the damage, though bear in mind that they wear out pretty quick.Mobility (infinite sprint) should be your Tactical standby, particularly during objective-based matches, but consider taking AA Efficiency to speed up energy regain if you're making sustained use of a Jetpack or Active Camo.Only use Promethean Vision when you know who you're looking for.One more thing: Promethean Vision makes it harder to distinguish holograms from the Real McCoy.Beware the majesty of Haven, it's one of the most beautiful Halo maps ever made, but don't let that pearlescent sheen blind you to the fact that it's an absolute meat-grinder, with one central killzone stacked atop another.And don't automatically pick the showiest streak rewards, like the SAW machine-gun or Rail Gun an Overshield or Speed Boost may keep you alive for longer.If it does, the chances are you have purchased Halo 4 and, after several frustrating hours, have discovered that you're not very good at the online multiplayer mode.The ensuing energy blast won't travel far, but it's pretty hard to avoid.When fighting around the ramps at the end of each "spoke" of the wheel, try jumping the barrier to catch ascending players from the rear.Don't return directly to the scene of your death.343's borrowings from rival shooters are designed to complement Bungie's old combat loops, not overrule them, so make you sure you nail the basics: taming the single shot rifles (the new Promethean Light Rifle isn't as alien as it looks timing your grenade throws.These ten maps do not include the three different.If you're holding the centre by yourself, keep circling round so you don't have your back to any one access point.