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Mouse (absolutely necessary CD-ROM drive (necessary only for software installation) and printer (supported by the OS above).
Disk2 Description - WinGP - Movie Converter - GP-Viewer EX - Camera-Viewer EX - Data Copy Tool - GP Remote Printer Server - Fingerprint Recognition Setting Tool - Fingerprint Recognition Unit Driver - Pass Through - Pro-face Converter Readme Please see goldeneye wii iso ntsc Readme_E.txt about new feature.Language Software Menu: English / Japanese.Please confirm that the downloading file size completely accords with the download file size shown.Hard disk space: 720MB or greater *Free space necessary for installation.Language Software Menu: English / Japanese, languages that Hardware can Display English / Japanese / Korean / Chinese (simplified / traditional) / Cyrillic / Thai *For languages other than English / Japanese, FEPs and fonts for these languages should be added.GP4000 Flyer LT4000M Update Modules - GP-Pro EX Ver follow instructions given.3.1 Limited Edition (Trial Version).Other than Windows Vista:PentiumIII 800MHz or greater(Pentium4.3GHz or greaer recommended) Resolution: svga 800 x 600 or better (256 colors or greater required).Installation of Pro-face Converter To install Pro-face Converter, please follow the procedure below.Please acknowledge that Digital provides no guarantee of the condition at the time of provision, the availability of access and the condition of use concerning this service before you use this service.3.1 Limited Edition (Trial Version please see Readme_E.txt.If any additional conditions such as service usage conditions are attached to the downloaded files, please comply with such conditions as well.Reference In the case of online speed 100Mbps.Copy the file, s, from the folder to the root folder (C.200 GP-Viewer Multiple Platforms, One Software file name (size) ex360200.Notices: Files are subject to deletion, or modification of the contents or specifications without notice.International Sales Offices, this trial software does not allow transfer of the screen data which you have created to target machines (except GP4100 series).For further information (Limitations or Cautions) about GP-Pro EX Ver.Failure to follow the procedure will lead to an installation failure and display the message, "Please insert CD of Pro EX Editor in the CD drive." Double-click the gpproex312000D1.exe file.If a network drive is used, installation cannot be performed normally., this file is very large.Download of any file signifies your agreement to the terms of use.