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Protectobots Emergency Response (three-pack, 2014 ) "Protectobot First Aid" is a minor redeco of Transformers: Prime Deluxe Class Autobot Ratchet, with altered paint applications (now predominantly blue) and a lighter shade of gray plastic.
They then heard a knocking coming from his trailer.
The checkup was interrupted by an alarm, which First Aid announced indicated a Decepticon attack.Inside the game world, First Aid and Streetwise were exploring Vineland when their path was blocked by a web of thick vines.But Spyglass accidentally dropped the core into water.After a break-in into the Forever Vaults left one of its guards, Cop-Tur, injured but alive, he was placed under the care of First Aid and Fixit in Micropolis.In the chaos that followed, First Aid took charge to save the patients around him.The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3 Toy pack-in material When the Decepticons stole the Creation Matrix, Ratchet First Aid built an army of Autobot decoys to distract the Decepticons while the real Autobots attempted to retrieve their missing artifact.Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #5 Later, the Constructicons were paving over a natural island paradise, and the Autobots sent a rescue party to save the wildlife and their friends on the island.Ultimately, Optimus Prime declared himself the loser, and so First Aid and the other Protectobots watched their leader detonate before their eyes.One of the most common myths you will hear of Haemostatics is that they cause burns. .The causes of death in conventional land warfareimplications for combat casualty care research.Journal of Trauma Injury Infection and Critical Care 2003;54(5 S139.The Transgressors Some time later, Red Alert misremembered First Aid queuing to join the crew of the Lost Light alongside other incongruous characters, such as Ambulon, Ironfist, and Bumblebee.As a Scramble City -style robot, however, he can form any limb vivid workshopdata ati v10.2 keygen for the robot, and can interact with all other combiner teams built with the same design.The Special Teams Have Arrived Having learned of a Decepticon plot to acquire the human-made hydrothermocline, Optimus Prime brought the Protectobots with him to Energy Futures Industries in order to guard the device.He has a tab on the roof of his vehicle mode that fits into a slot on his fist/foot accessory, allowing it to serve as a gun.Who's Afraid of the DJD?The Greatest Gift of All!True to his devout pacifism, First Aid was not seen engaging in battle until the Protectobots formed Defensor.
Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #6 Scramble City First Aid and the Protectobots participated in the Scramble City project under Ultra Magnus's direction, working towards the construction of Metroplex.
First Aid's faceplate and visor are at the dry cleaners.