eclipse phase continuity pdf

Format: PDF (landscape and portrait) with audio.
So I just slapped an unarmed combat skill chip in access password recovery master serial number them for a skill of 40, presuming that the Maniac AI would have done this when it programmed them to kill.Hiya, I am a new poster looking to run an EP game and introduce it to my gaming group, all of them ignorant of what they are getting into.Are there any ego bridges in cannon that utilize a co-body brain use, where both brains are in control of both bodies and think fully in sync with each other for some time before any parts of the brain in the older body is shut.It is available on DriveThruRPG.The characters, researchers on a remote outpost, check in for a backup-and awaken in new bodies to discover two weeks of their lives are missing.Continuity is a 15-page PDF and includes audio snippets embedded in the PDF file and as individual MP3 downloads.Awarded the 2011 Gold ENnie for Best Electronic Book!I would also like to hear thoughts on the matter.Home, core Rulebooks Quick-Start, sourcebooks: Hardcover PDF, sourcebooks: Softcover PDF.Am I missing something on bots and combat?Again, I may also have misinterpreted the source material.Although the bots have multiple arms, I wont be using them as the -20 to the skill check is a bit too much of a bite from their skill to be a threat.Eclipse Phase (and our third PDF exclusive release Continuity.Thanks for your help.Original text content of m is licensed under the.Only movement capabilities, armour and gear is mentioned, nothing on combat capabilities or Attributes.I intend to include some exploit software hidden on the station, probably the rec room, but this seems like a bit of an oversight in terms of mission design.
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So, here's a question - why is it there seems to be, at least from my perspective, so little in-universe focus on preserving continuity?