dvd template photoshop cs4

Graphic designers can also apply their designs for anti-virus software designs, for game disks like Wolfenstein or Crysis.
Enlarging picture will make the picture blurry because the extra pixels need to be created by approximation.
These boxes can be used to render your Wheaties or Cheerios cereal box designs for use in print or on your website for display purposes.Files we can accept are: (.PSD,.EPS,.AI,.PDF,.TIF,.JPG).White MUG, isolated Blank white mug official PSD cover action great for graphic decals, coffee, and other template pdf file password cracker needs.Step 5: Copy and paste the template over the background picture.What this means is that the density of dots that make up the picture will have 300 dots per inch.Download Soda Cans, cereal BOX, blank Cereal box template official PSD graphic Cover Actions for rendering your cereal design or artwork.Doing so will allow you to see through the template to reveal the background picture and the template becomes a guide for you to see where the other assets be put.Soda CAN, need a blank cylinder soda can?When possible please provide a color print out on plain white paper.Adobe Illustrator CS4 or lower, mac Please save all fonts as outline and add file extension for.Because of the mixing of metric and imperial systems here we will need to do some conversion to get the proper number of pixels for our label artwork.Contact your customer service representative for details.We will use this magic number 1370 pixels later in the tutorial.Step 6: Adjust the Opacity of template layer.From fun to professional and everything in between, we will work hard to acheive the look you want.Highlight the template layer and adjust its Opacity making it semi-transparent.Hardcover, so lets run through some the kinds of generic products we offer on this site starting with our blank hardcover novel PSD Action suite.
Step 3: Resize the picture, resize the picture so that the smaller of the width and height equals to 1370.