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Yellow Scarves Arc Shinra walking in on his dad in the shower Shinra comforts Celty after she is illustrator cs5 keygen serial crack chased and intimidated by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara.
The episode "Loved and Chased!
He tells Akane that he and Izaya are friends and that Izaya was probably using her for another one of his pranks.
The reference is made a bit clearer when Chibiusa picks up a keychain of Shin shortly before the boy comes along.Practically every word that comes out of TK's mouth is a Shout Out.Getting Shizuo to assault a police officer) so they can remove Shizuo from the streets of Ikebukuro.Also, the final image of Cowboy Bebop 's closing titles is a flower lying in a puddle.Pokémon : Musical shout outs can be found from time to time, usually in episode titles such as "Smells Like Team Spirit" or "Tears for Fears".Later Shizuo is seen in the Dollars meeting with Simon.Shizuo is still held in the police station.For taking him away from Ruri, Shinra charges them 200,000 yen, which is paid for by Mairu and Kururi, who have joined them in the back of the shop.Episode 13 has a shout out to The Punisher, it's a bit vaguer in the dub however.Shinra gets progressively more irritable with each call.A very roundabout one to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : In jjba, there is a character named Mark, as there is one named Marco in Attack On Titan.Yellow Scarves Arc Shizuo is shown recieving repeated messages about Anri being chased by Yellow scarves members throughout the City, becoming increasingly annoyed at the constant updates.Trivia His name is ironic.Even my own mother never slapped me!" The phrase is a gender-reversal on one uttered by Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam after being slapped in the face by Bright Noa.Straight in the first episode/volume is Misaka asking Touma "Geez.The reason: Chiaki Konaka, director of Serial Experiments Lain, was the head writer of Digimon Tamers Both shows also had characters named Alice and Reika.The next night, Shizuo walks in injured.Celty is the leader.Volume 13 Shizuo reaches the building Izaya is waiting in and is greeted by a burst of flame springing forth from gasoline that had preemptively been spread across the floor.Yo-kai Watch : When Nate is influenced by the trio of dancing seaweed Yo-Kai, he dances a lot like Michael Jackson, complete with "whoo!" and "jam-on!".