convert date to different format in oracle

(Initialization parameters determine the default settings for Oracle Database instances.
If necessary, download and install.(I'd still suggest trying to keep data in its "natural" type though, rather than storing it as text in the first place.).Code Listing 15: sysdate and date arithmetic combined with date data SQL select substr(last_name, 1, 10) last_name, substr(first_name, 1, 10) first_name, hire_date, trunc(hire_ date 12, 2) years_OF_service 2 from employee 3 order gta san andreas full game for tablet by years_of_service desc, last_name, first_name; last_name first_name hire_date years_OF_service Eckhardt Emily 07-JUL-04.09.Code Listing 12: Date range that returns records for a particular day SQL select first_name, last_name, TO_char(hire_date, 'DD-MON-yyyy HH:MI:SS hire_date 2 from employee 3 where hire_date TO_date 27-FEB-2010 'DD-MON-yyyy 4 and hire_date TO_date 28-FEB-2010 'DD-MON-yyyy 5 order by last_name, first_name; first_name last_name hire_date Thomas Jeffrey.Code Listing 13: The sysdate function SQL select sysdate, TO_char(sysdate, 'DD-MON-yyyy HH24:MI:SS sysdate_with_time 2 from dual; sysdate sysdate_with_time 08-AUG-12 08-AUG-2012 14:25:08 1 row selected.Last but not least, you virtua cop 2 game sega now know acer a501 update 4.0 the pitfalls to be aware of when you use date comparisons in where clauses with TO_date and betweenand what you can do to avoid unexpected results.So, be aware that when you apply the TO_char conversion function, your data is returned as character strings; you should plan and sort accordingly.The difference between the two is that the query in Listing 12 does not apply a function to the hire_date column data.'15/ JAN /1998' 'DD-MON-yyyy match ' 15!The query displays employees sorted from most recent to least recent date of hire.A new database, including sample user accounts and their associated schemas, will be created for you.In such a case, each subsequent occurrence toggles the effects of the modifier.Taking Time with Your Dates Recall that the Oracle date datatype includes a time component.It takes no parameters.Part 7 in this series, From Floor to Ceiling and Other Functional Cases oracle Magazine, September/October 2012 introduced common SQL number functions and showed how your queries can use them to modify the appearance of numeric result set data.You know from the results in the previous listings that two employees were hired on February 27, 2010, yet only one is returned in Listing 10s result set.
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