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Jahia -Jahia an excellent enterprise web content and portal management system.
Plugin and theme availability, this is another important aspect of choosing a CMS.
You might heard of top 10 open source micro blogging services or ways to earn from open source but largest ratio of the open source developers and freelancers uses CMS for their professional works, for example 15 free and open source tools for web designers.Is a question you are going to ask yourself early.You could be more productive with its features such as automated tasks, ajax technology, modern design and multi-lingual.With so many menus on the page, the long tail audiobook both vertical and horizontal, it is a bit difficult to understand whats what.It is actually been written specifically for modern web hosting environment, and uses modern object oriented programming techniques.This may sound like a tough task for someone new to the field, there is a certain degree of risk involved as well, and if anything goes wrong you may loose your website altogether.PhpCMS PhpCMS is a content management system that is characterized by simple system requirements, high performance, and, above all, flexibility.Modx PHP MySQL.5.That means it will be easy if you alone or a small team of people are planning to set up the website.OpenACS OpenACS is user friendly open architecture dental bytes book pdf community system.SilverStripe PHP MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, higiene y seguridad industrial en ingles PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle.5.It lets you customize your themes or plugins by editing the files in the application itself.Joomla has update features and although Drupal doesnt offer that right now it has other critical features that make it a leading CMS).
Spine Perl, mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL.2.-12-27 WebGUI Perl on mod perl MySQL.10.
Get the superior security experience without scarifying extensibility.