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Imports Passwords Automatically imports from other sites and programs.
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Corporeal - Store your passwords windows xp multilingual user interface pack polish securely.
This way if someone was able to hack into your account on one website it won't give them access to all the rest of websites you log into!InfoBox - Store all your passwords and other information on your computer securely.M Windows Repair - Store unlimited passwords securely, in an encrypted vault.One Password - The only password you have to keep track of with Chica Password Manager is your master password.Before Chica Password Manager enters your login information, it will verify the website to make sure it's not a fraudulent page!Saves Time Fills in forms online quickly and accurately with one click.Stop forgetting, and save time!It's the key to unlocking every other password you use and to log you into your sites automatically!MySafe for Windows 8 - Store all your passwords securely on Windows 8 device.Creating secure passwords that are different pcsx2 0.9.9 plugins and bios for each site, that even YOU don't have to remember is where Chica Password Manager excels!Let Chica Password Manager do the heavy lifting and fill out all those redundant forms for you!This product is a 30 day free trial.Automatic Logins Recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically.Corporeal Portable - Store your passwords securely.Cursor Snowflakes - Store your user names and passwords securely on your computer.Secure Protection Hackers cant get to your encrypted passwords and personal information.Verify Websites - Phishing emails look like they are from a legitimate source, but are really from someone trying to steal your login information.Org urlt/7qsbjdzt56fg/Chica Password Manager Pro RePack ( Portable) by ml t /url.
Chica Password Manager is a great one trick pony for creating strong passwords and keeping track of all of them.