call duty black ops title update 2

Improved overall Theater and Live Streaming stability.
Improvements to spawn system.Issues Addressed, game now resets the cd hack v5 0 Care Package for a non-owner if the owner re-rolls the package using the Engineer perk.Fahed Jaradat 2, weve reported this morning on the new awesome playlist and DLC game category, and Treyarch just shared the Patch notes for the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops title update on the 360.Players can now copy a custom class to the extra prestige slot.New Features Feature Improvements, added support for the Kinect camera to Live Streaming.Players that help with the Synchronized Attack challenge now get credit for.Offline profiles can no longer be exploited to join online games when an online profile is also signed.Scorestreaks: UAV: cost increased from 350 to 425.Multiplayer runs in my blood.Multi-team games no longer count as a tie if an entire team quits.XM8: reduced lethal range of 3-hit kills from 250 to 50 inches.A Black Ops 2 title update for Xbox 360 aluga se um noivo pdf is now available for download, according to a community post from Treyarch.EMP grenades no longer affect the CODcaster HUD.Additional security feature updates.Added the ability to View League Teams from any players Playercard.All: increased max hip fire spread from.75.Players using Ghost will no longer be invisible at all times in Custom Games with the mini-map option set to constant.Improved final fantasy tactics iso audio/rumble responsiveness when hitting enemies with gunfire.All: reduced bullet penetration.Precision challenge Wet Work will now unlock with 10 kills.AAR better communicates how much XP was earned in each match.