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A half-page article "SVG: le vectoriel en ligne" in the first (Mars/Avril) issue of French magazine Create (tout reste à inventer), plus coverage of SVG in LiveMotion.
Verze.0 me pevést také textové objekty!
Software Mechanics announced an evaluation preview of SVGmaker for W95/98/ME.
See the web site for more details on the large range of features.Registered users can download the new version.The new version.45 of X-Smiles, the SVG/smil/XForms/XSL/etc multi namespace browser was released.It lists the design principles and requirements for future versions of the SVG language, in particular versions.1 and.0, to be developed by the W3C SVG working group.SVG has been one of the most-talked-about technologies during XML Europe 2002'.A first version of Gill, the Gnome Illustration application is announced.It uses Freetype as a font rendering engine.Nechte tento program kreslit trasu nástroje jakéhokoliv programu G-kódu na obrazovce.Batik.1 release candidate 2 is available from Apache.TinyLine.6 released Andrew Girow has released version.6 of TinyLine, a Mobile SVG Applications and Development Tools for J2ME devices.Specifically, Batik now provides extensive support for DOM Level 2 Core and Events.It is available now for free download and, most importantly, uses SVG as its native format.Alex Fritze releases build.6 of Mozilla SVG.The output file includes SVG pages created with TextCafe's PDF to SVG conversion technology, along with javascript representations of the XML Table of Contents and searchable word lists.It is a free download, and functions as a plug-in to the SVG-enabled Adobe Golive.0 system.Mayura windows 10 size for windows 7 Draw comes with some SVG samples exported from it: FOP, an XSL Formatting Objects to PDF converrter, now has a "tiny bit of SVG support" according to it's author, James Tauber.
La Bibliothèque nationale de France launches SVG site La Bibliothèque nationale de France (the French national library) have launched a gallery of their exhibitions as an SVG site.
Further details are avalable from the t site and an evaluation version may be downloaded.