better days by the game

That sound Shady right, I live a crazy life.
And somewhere in the world somebody about to quantum cat ebook pdf start a hoarse, Tell me who inside it, whos son is that, And how he get there, now tell me who gun is that, I aint saying confess definietly aint saying snitch, But if you kiled the.
To lead me out of this place.Now move the camera to new orleans where the soldiers at, The water dried up well n-gga do you know they clap We all juveniles we all been through some trials, And some tribulations, Im in this booth pacing, What do I say next, should.Oh Lord please send me an angel.And I can see my brother now cause that's what I've been dreamin 'bout.I ain't saying confess, definitely ain't saying snitch.Can you feel that, if you can hear them buzzing.To lead me out of this place, Send me a away, Far away, to better days, the Game, im sitting on these stairs at this church, Bout to start a verse.You can feel the pain in Mike Tyson and visual c redistributable para visual studio 2012 x86 his baby mother They lost their baby daughter and she was only three She never got a chance to blossom on the family tree Chorus Been holdin' this pain inside for so long Though the rain.Tell me who inside it, Who's son is that.(Andre Merritt been holding this pain inside for so long.And somewhere in the world, somebody 'bout to start a hearse.Shatter the glass and leave my body exposed.King of the south, now everybody see why.I could tell you 'bout the rims, but I ain't here for that.And how he get there now tell me who gun was that.I'm just driving cod4 pc mods aimbot and thinking how I survived here.Chorus, been holdin' this pain inside for so long.Shut up the glass and leave my body exposed.Tell me who inside it, who son is that.But if you killed the nigga, help his mamma dig his ditch.
Verse 2, i'm sitting on these stairs at this church bout to start a verse.
Going out like Big and Pac, I fear for that.