best email client for mac mavericks

Have you ever hit the Send button, only to realize seconds later that you didn't mean to reply all?
Currently, Mail Pilot is not available for sale.
You are completely focused on the task at hand and aren't as tempted to just toss an email into a folder to look at at a later time.
I wasnt as fond of the blank screen Unibox displayed upon loading until I manually refreshed my mail.While Mail for Mac is a great email client for most users, some of us require something a little more feature-rich for our day-to-day life.Mail Pilot ( ; Mac App Store link a 20 email client built loosely around the.If you have Evernote installed, Postbox can send emails to that service to help you keep track of them.Just compose your response in preferences, then choose it from a pulldown menu when youre writing a new email.I occasionally had trouble logging in to Inky, and had to quit photoshop 2015 save for web and restart the program a few times to get to my mail.Though the company encrypts your information, its worth considering whether this security issue concerns you.It lets you use Gmail labels, your Gmail archive, and Gmail-style keyboard shortcuts.Still, its a smart program full of good ideas; it just needs a bit more polish.We also found Postbox's tabbed interface for mailboxes and messages difficult to use, and sometimes opened new tabs unintentionally.MailMate - MailMate is a robust, no frills mail client that is unabashedly designed for power users.And it has Touch Bar support, which I love.Quick reply is a lifesaver when working through large batches of emails at, for instance, the end of a long international flight.Mailplane If you use Gmail and only Gmail, the 25 Mailplane could be worth a look.Mail Pilot treats your inbox as a to-do list.The message handling is people-centric, so your emails are sorted based on your contacts.Outlook for Mac - For users in corporate Microsoft Exchange environments, Outlook for Mac has traditionally windows 7 repair tool usb been the option that provides the fewest headaches.It's kind of the opposite of the inbox-zero theory.That is, any email that is from someone in your contacts or otherwise looks like a personal email will be filtered to the top of the inbox list.
Postbox The 10 Postbox (free demo available) is very Gmail friendly.
But overall, Postbox seems like the best mix of price, capabilities, word count pages mac and quality for the majority of Mac users.