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The code showed that Lazarus hackers created a list of 150 internet addresses that served as "a hit list said Eric Chien, a researcher at Symantec, which issued dears episode 6 sub indo its own warning about North Korea hacking earlier this year.
According to Kaspersky, the Lazarus hackers carefully routed their signal through France, South Korea and Taiwan to setup that attack server.
This manual will teach you how to steal money using an instant clear.Paste the account number and the password you just cracked into the relevant fields and log in to the bank account (if it is your own account you are logging into, the details will be already filled in).In many cases the hauls were more modest, presumably to avoid setting off alarms.Mounstar Bank have every incentive to keep these attacks quiet, given that they arent keen on losing the confidence of their customers or of their investors.Its researchers are known for exposing some of the most complex global hacking operations.By mimicking the bank procedures they have learned, hackers direct the banks computers to steal money in a variety of ways: Transferring money into hackers fraudulent bank accounts, using e-payment systems to send money to fraudulent accounts overseas, directing.T.M.s to dispense money at set.In 2013, when South Korea's banks and broadcasters were attacked, that government blamed its neighbor to the north.But there was apparently one mistake spotted by Kaspersky: A connection that briefly came from North Korea.North Korea tried to funnel some of that money through one infected bank in Southeast Asia, according to a researcher at FireEye.Banks and security researchers have previously identified four similar cyber-heists attempted on financial institutions in Bangladesh, Ecuador, the Philippines and Vietnam.
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Investigators say the answers may lie in the hackers technique.