autodesk simulation multiphysics 2013 help

The materials are linear within the elastic region on the stress-strain curve.
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Examples: electrical components (circuit breakers, circuit boards, batteries piezoelectrics.
Examples: columns, components with snap-through behavior.Flow through Porous Media Calculate the velocity and pressure the punisher pc game rip distribution of a fluid passing through a series of filtering layers.Static Stress with Linear Material Models Calculate the displacements and stresses due to static loads.Description, autodesk Simulation Multiphysics 21 can be downloaded from our website for free.Examples: structures (furnaces, insulating walls, brake systems electrical components, annealing processes.Inertial effects are included.Examples: chemical species through a membrane (drug delivery).7 Examples: valves, rotating equipment (fans, mixers wind and drag force analysis, flow measuring devices.Natural Frequency (Modal) Calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the model due to purely geometric and material properties.Loads do not affect the frequencies.Critical Buckling Load Calculate the load that causes your model to buckle due to geometric instability.Unless indicated otherwise, nonlinear permits the following: The loading can cause large deflections and/or rotations.Features: -CAD support - Direct, associative data exchange with most CAD software.Examples: structures (buildings, bridges, towers shafts, bodies (housings, support brackets).The mass of the model is used to determine loads, such as gravity and centrifugal forces.Random Vibration Calculate the statistical response of a system (displacements and stresses) due to a random vibration, white noise, or a power spectrum density.The change in direction of the loading due to deformation is small and can be neglected.Transient Coupled Fluid Flow and Thermal Calculate the temperatures, heat fluxes, velocities, and pressure distribution in a fluid or a model with fluid and solid parts.Electrostatic Field Strength and Voltage Calculate the electric field and voltage distribution after an infinite period (steadystate conditions) in an insulator due to induced voltages and charges.Use the following guidelines to help choose the correct analysis type for your situation.The loads can be constant, vary over time, or vary based on calculated results.