active directory domain rename tools

The Rendom and Gpfixup tools must be copied to spyware doctor 2013 full indir a crimes of war serial key domain member workstation to perform the rename operations.
If an error occurs on a DC during this phase, the entire transaction is rolled back.
First, the major sony vegas platinum 7.0 prerequisites for a domain rename in a simple single domain forest: Enterprise Administrator credentials are required.Run "rendom /end" to unfreeze the forest configuration and allow further changes.A DNS zone for the new domain must be in place.You can force replication by running the "repadmin /syncall" command.This file contains the current forest configuration.The instructions are then replicated to all other DC's in the forest.However the steps below will give a good overview and should be sufficient for testing purposes.Run "gpfixup" to refresh all intradomain references and links to group policy objects.Run "rendom /execute this verifies readiness of all DC's, then preforms the rename action on each one.Run "rendom /prepare" to verify the readiness of each domain controller in the forest to carry out the rename instructions.Because the guid's of the domain remain the same during the rename process, domain membership is not affected.The DNS suffix of the client machines will also be updated assuming the default option of "Change primary DNS suffix when domain membership changes" is enabled.Once the rename is complete, there is one final change required on domain controllers.The forest functional level must be Windows Server 2003 or 2008, and all DC's running at least Server 2003.Run "rendom /upload" to upload the rename instructions to the configuration directory partition on the domain controller holding the domain naming operations master role.This was frozen during the rendom /upload step.However I have found the need to do it several times in a test setup; the process is similar to renaming a Server 2003 domain and isn't as difficult as one might think.See the TechNet link below for details on requirements if you're using DFS redirection, roaming profiles, running a CA, or Exchange Server.The DNS suffix of a DC is not changed as part of this process.
The domain should be well formed and healthy.
Reboot client computers and member servers twice to obtain new domain name.